Monday, May 4, 2015

Tales From Home

I still hate working and Will still thinks he’s under qualified to stay at home with the kids but we are making the most of this unique situation that we find ourselves in.  We take full advantage of Facebook messages, I can vent to him when I feel like I am going to punch the next person I see and he keeps me updated of the shenanigans that the girls are getting into.
I love seeing their little faces in my inbox but some days it’s like a dagger through the heart.  I am equally happy for him and jealous of him, it’s a frustrating thing.  But I would never want the updates from home to stop.   Now that the weather has finally tuned they are outside most afternoons.  TC plays a game where our yard has several habitats and she goes around rescuing the wounded animals.  Having worked in a few hospitals Will knew exactly what they needed, a board.  So he brought out the easel and they were able to keep track of all of their patients (it’s not hard to lose track imaginary animals!).
This is a game they played with a tennis ball; they were just rolling it down the walk trying to not let it hit the grass.  Fun silly games that they make up and giggle and squeal, I can’t be there but at least I get to see some of it. 
The other day it was cold and rainy so he made them an office to play ABC Mouse in.  TC is convinced that she wants to come and work with me so this made her feel like in a small way she was.  Not that I have an office, but she doesn’t have to know that! 
I still dream of a part time job that would allow me to have the best of both worlds but until all those stars align I will take my little updates from the home front.  Thanks to everything our family has been thorough Will has been given a gift, time with his daughters.  I wish all fathers had this opportunity, he is creating a bond with them that will be like no other.