Will's Injury

In January 2010 Doc was involved in a vehicle roll over while heading out on a mission in Iraq.  He sustained several injuries including a broken cheekbone and a concussion.  When he returned home a few weeks later we knew things weren't right and he received his TBI diagnosis.

Doc, minutes after coming to from his accident.
Life since then has been rocky and crazy, we had to leave Ft. Lewis and his special operations unit to a nondeployable school in Arizona. 

After over 2 years of trying to get better and continue on with his army career Doc got the word that he is not fit for duty.  He started the Medboard process in November 2012.  On top of his TBI and PTSD he has 26 other issues related to him accident that was rated on.  After a long wait his 90% disabled rating came in and we moved home to MA in November 2013.

Currently he stays at home with the girls while I work.

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