Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Beginnings

It's Easter, what better day for be to celebrate my new life (which is essentially my old life but with more love and forgiveness - see the Eater tie in??  I'm that good!).  In the past I've shared songs that have been speaking to me at the moment.  Yesterday I really listened to a song that I have dismissed so many times, "Be Okay" by Oh Honey.   I don't know how much it's played on the radio because I am a XM snob but I hear it so many times but I've never actually listened to it.  Yesterday on my way to appointments I listened, really listened and cried as I sang - it made me so happy.  You should love it too.

Not every day is the best day ever but who says it has to be?  Happy Easter - happy new beginnings, happy new life.

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