Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Step Down Isn't Always a Step Back

I was promoted at work not to long ago and as soon as I started my new position I saw the negative impact it was having on my family.  Being away from the girls for days at a time was one thing but they are kids and they are resilient.  Leaving Will with the kids for days at a time was a different story.  He didn't do well, at all.

I tried working from home but that didn't help, I was home but was still unavailable.  It was really hard to hear what was going on outside of my door and not be able to do anything about it.  I didn't do well, at all.

I decided that the best thing for my career and my family is to just focus on one thing.  I am a good agent, I know a lot about life insurance and can explain it and help families decide what is best for them.  I can do that in my sleep.  When adding the need to train and hire and all sorts of other crap while taking care of 2 young kids, a home and a husband who doesn't believe he really needs taking care of was very hard.  I had two choices, keep adding to my plate and fail at everything or decide what is really important to me.

My family wins that argument every time.

I am no longer in management.  I get to keep my higher contract level and focus on growing my own business as a personal producer.  Everyone at work has been so supportive, I was so afraid when rejoining the workforce that I would be forever explaining myself and trying to force people to understand the challenges my family faces but that's not the case.  I found a great place that doesn't need to understand, they see all that I do and that's enough.

In a few years when the girls are in school I can reevaluate - if I want to make changes that is always an option.  I can't tell you how amazing it feels to have at least one outlet in my life where I get to put myself first.       


  1. Sounds like the best decision. You are SUCH an inspiration not only to many here, but also to your girls.

  2. that's incredible that you put your family first - so many people say they will but they get greedy and enjoy working or being good at something else, that they end up choosing work.
    you are an incredible mom, Amber and an amazing wife too!! Good for you!!

  3. I'm so glad you've found a place that *gets it*. Also, it is terrific that you evaluate things, see them for what they are, and work within the parameters. You're pretty awesome. <3