Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The One When They Wont Let Me Quit

I am not one who gives up easily, I think I have made that pretty clear in my life in almost everything I do.  Well I was (am, maybe?) so ready to quit my job.  Don't get me wrong I still love helping people and making sure everyone understands life insurance and why it's necessary but it's everything else that has been getting to me.

I haven't been getting the appointments I need, I make the phone calls, probably more calls than anyone on my team.  I ask for the referrals - I do what I am supposed to do but for some reason it just hasn't been working and the appointments I do get have been crap.  (No bank account, no shows...whatever).  I've been wondering if it is worth the late nights up worrying, the seemingly aimless driving around.  And after some very irresponsible and rude comments made at the office I was just done, so done.

I talked it out with Will, I talked it out with my manager and I had decided to go but then I talked to the agency owners.  They know I am not a quitter and they could see the stress I am under both at work and at home, basically they told me I can't quit.  It's nice to have someone believe in you like that.  I guess it's time to give it the old college try...again.

Hopefully the passion will return, they appointments will work themselves out and more families will be protected.  Nothing is more frustrating than leaving the kids to go off to work with nothing to show for it, literally nothing because I am 100% commission.

Wish me luck.  (And if any of you have life insurance questions please feel free to ask me, I promise to answer them and not try to sell you!)

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  1. Wishing you luck because I know you're already doing the hard work. If I were stateside and needed insurance, I would totally go with you.