Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Moment

I didn't start this new blog just to neglect it, I promise!  We are staying with friends and they have 3 kids so between the five kids and four adults there are just not many chances to sit down.

But the good news is that we found a place to live and I will most likely be starting a job soon after we move in.  The bad news is that the place wont be ready until Dec 5!  Yikes.  But we can have our dog and our my cat so it's worth the wait. 

Until then we are house guests.  It is no fun being long term house guests but we are lucky that Will had these great friends who really seem to enjoy our company.  The kids are doing as well as can be expected given the circumstances, I just can't wait to get them settled into our new life and actually start living.

I have a lot of things I hope to get down in the next few days, I want to document the drive and the rental search but mostly I want to talk about reintegration, not post deployment but post army.  I think I will make that a theme I go back to a lot over this first year out - it's been as hard, if not harder, than I expected.

I have also been asked a few times about my old blog, I will be making it public again at some point in the future but I need to reread some things. I may make edits to some of the rawest posts, I am not sure how I feel about it all being out there right now.

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