Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hello Again

This is it, messy hair, no makeup but big smiles!
After almost 6 years at my previous (and private at the moment) blog Random Rants of An Army Wife it was time for a change and here it is.  So much has changed since I started sharing my life on the internet.  I never thought anyone would ever care what I had to say, I just needed an outlet in which to say it but I found such an amazing community through blogging.  I can't imagine how my journey would have gone without it.

Who am I?  I suppose that is a good question for a first blog post.  I am Amber, mother of two beautiful little girls and wife to a someone broken man.  As my past blog title tells you, I was an army wife.  My husband was injured four years ago in Iraq and, as of December 28th, he will no longer be in the army.  This wont be a place to deal with army life since it is no longer my life but I am sure my experiences from the past 8 years will come in handy.  I spent a lot of time talking about my husband's Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in my last blog, this time I am going to really try to not focus on that.  It is a major part of our life together but I will focus more on myself and not him.  I am also going to try to honor his request to keep his picture off of this blog.

My girls TC 3 and Addie 23 months are my world.  I would do anything to make sure they are happy, healthy and well adjusted little humans.  It isn't easy as a father with a TBI makes things very difficult but above all, they come first.  I am sure I will (over) share how I try to do this.  I am not a mommy blogger in the sense that I want to tell you how you should be doing things or anything like that, but I am a mom and this is my blog so take that however you want.

I don't really know what direction this blog will take.  I know I will be here venting and sharing my life.  Recording moments with my girls and hopefully celebrating moments with my husband.  There are so many changes in my life right now, my only current blog goal is to get things out of my head before I go insane. 


  1. Welcome back. So happy I found you again. Good luck in the new place!!

  2. Hi! I'm glad you will still be blogging.

  3. So glad you decided to keep blogging. I really enjoyed reading your previous blog.