Tuesday, November 26, 2013

transition - homelessness

We pulled out of Yuma with no idea what was going to happen when we got home.  We knew we needed a place to stay and a place to live, jobs and in general something to do with ourselves but no real plans.  We don't come from the types of families where we can just go back to one of our childhood homes like many.

Just drive northeast, stop when we hit the ocean.

While driving through Kentucky Will got another call from a friend he went to Bible college with (oh have I not mentioned that my Army Ranger husband once attended & was kicked out of Bible college?) who has been begging us to stay with him since he found out we were moving home.  This friend was in California where they went to school before some twist of fate brought him to lead Will's home church in Massachusetts.  With no other options and a huge sense of guilt we accepted.  They have a guestroom in the basement and a playroom with a pullout couch, much more than we could really ask for.

Those of you who know me must know that staying with pastors is not really my comfort zone with my love of vodka and ability to drop a F-bomb without even realizing it but it has been really really good.  When we first got here I was offered a beer...a good beer and from there it has beer pretty smooth.

The home search has been much harder than expected, I knew that the rental market would be much different than the market in a military town, there just isn't the demand here and because of that landlords can be much more selective and that means, for the most part, no dogs.  If they do allow dogs they have to be under 25lbs and, lets face it, a dog under 25lbs is really just a glorified cat.  Our search expanded and expanded and expanded until we finally were offered a duplex that will be 100% brand new in the town of our choice. 

Our hosts have been amazing, and when they say we can stay as long as we need I really believe it.  It has been great for me, to have another mother to talk to, a mother like me!  Dinner dishes in the sink until breakfast with no apologies - there were things to do after dinner that included playing with the kids and unwinding without guilt.  We both like to let the kids just play, independently under the impression that if someone breaks an arm or something they will let us know, no need to run and check every time we hear a cry.  I think I have been reading too many mom blogs that make me feel like a shitty mom for not having a Pottery Barn house and trilingual 3 year olds. 

It will be beyond amazing to get into our own place and be reunited with our Keurig but until that can happen we have been beyond blessed to have been offered such an amazing place to crash during out between time.

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