Monday, March 24, 2014

This Blog Likes to Mess With Me

When things have been going well for long enough for me to talk about here they seem to turn to shit them moment I hit "publish".  When things are going bad long enough for me to talk about here they seem to look up the moment I hit "publish".  So dare I say, things are going pretty well (ducks under the table for a moment waiting for lightning bolts and earthquakes...).

I mentioned on twitter the other day that people who only read my blog must think I am so miserable all the time but people on twitter know that I am quite the opposite.  The truth is that I don't take myself too seriously.  My marriage, my husband, my children - I take them very seriously - but myself, not so much.   Life is too short not to laugh at yourself really so if I pee a little bit after a long run, who cares!  I know there are other moms in the same boat and if we can't laugh at ourselves for it than life would be pretty depressing. 

I do wish I had more time to devote to this blog, I know it would be nice to keep a record of what is going in here like I did with the last blog but I will sing that same old song many bloggers sing when they slow down posting - I don't have the time.  My new job has crazy hours, most of my appointments are in the evenings so I spend my day doing all the things I did as a stay at home mom (cook, clean, parent...all of it) then I go to work until 9-10 at night.  I watched an episode of Days of our lives from the first week of March last night.  That is serious.  So twitter is the easiest way for me to communicate, it's quick and no fuss.  I promise I will try to hit my goal of 2 meaningful posts here a week - not just when things are bad - I swear!

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