Friday, August 8, 2014

So Many Changes!

These past few weeks life has pretty much turned me on my head - it a good way!  I really want to get back to regular posting so I will just give you the Cliff's Notes version (bullets - you love them stop rolling your eyes):
  • The job I was going to try to stick out and see where it was going to take me - well after 2 days of trying to convince myself that sticking to it was the best choice it almost took me back to the doctor for some anxiety meds.  No job is worth me medicating myself to keep!  So I quit.  
  • I interviewed, second interviewed, and was hired for a new job all in 4 days.  It seemed perfect that an opportunity that suited me (and for which I am suited) came across my computer screen just when I needed.  I start on Monday.
  • I cut all my hair off - I mean ALL of my hair.  Nine inches ready to be sent off to Pantene for donation.  Oh and I'm blond again, with all my grays I had to do something and I've always felt more me blond.
Bill Murray seems impressed.
  • I turned 34 yesterday!  34, it doesn't seem possible.  As a kid that was pretty much ancient.  I have no idea how 34 should feel I am pretty sure I don't feel it.  That has to be a good thing right?  I have no idea, but starting my 35th year with a new job, back in my home state, with 2 amazing kids and a marriage that is still a work in progress be better than it's been in years feels pretty amazing. 
  • I finally have an ass - I know it seems silly but I been working hard at the gym squatting a lunging and lifting (oh my).  While my running hasn't been happening much I am getting stronger every week and it feels good.
  • Moses was sprayed by a skunk.  Not really news worthy but it happened a few days ago and it really sucked (and still kind of smells). 
So there it is.  Now that I will be on a schedule (office 8-5 daily) I know that I will get back to my little corner of the internet much more often.  


  1. I love your hair, and happy belated birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Amber! Congrats on the new job, and feeling good about the direction in which you find yourself headed. I wish you a good year of successes and family joy.