Friday, August 15, 2014

Working For the Weekend

I survived my first full week back in an office environment.  My last job (selling insurance) was nothing like the typical 8-5 thing.  8-5ers go to work, make/file/count/whatever your widget then go home only to do it over again the next day and it's really not that bad.  My main job is super easy - like beyond easy but the reason I took it is because they want to use me in other capacities as well.

Currently I am the receptionist.  I spent over $100,000 on my college education and I answer the phone and sit behind the front desk.  I had to really get over myself to even entertain the idea of doing this but I could really use something low stress and well paying so I sent in my resume.  Finding a job after 4 years at home is not a walk in the park.  While interviewing we talked more about my marketing skills and past experience doing all but admin stuff more than anything else.  They also talked about other employees who have started in one department only to find that they would thrive in was very promising. 

When it came to my salary requirements I wasn't shy.  I wasn't out of line in my request but I really didn't think I would get it.  They actually exceeded it!  Not by much but some.  Not that I would say "no" to boat loads of money but we are pretty modest in our lifestyle and if Will's CRSC (Combat Related Special Compensation) ever kicks in along with his current VA benefits we will be doing pretty well.  Maybe someday that education will be paid for...

After a day and a half I had gotten everything they asked of me down pat, (phones, scanning/filing, other mindless admin stuff) and was bored so they've already started thinking about what's next.  On Monday I will present my findings on which email blast software will be the best fit for us then we get to start playing with our email list!  This is the good stuff, and it's pretty new to me since I've never done business to business marketing.  I've also taken on some things from the purchasing department.  People seem surprised with how quickly I've picked things up - is answering the phone really that hard of a concept for people to grasp?

Either way I am excited to see where this will take me.  There has been talk of inside sales, the accounting department...even some mentions of creating a special projects position just for me!  We are one week in so I am not counting those chickens just yet but it feels good to know that 4 years of poop and mac & cheese hasn't turned my brain into poop and mac & cheese!


  1. YAY! So excited you found a job with advancement possibilities. A fulfilling job is an amazing thing :)