Thursday, March 5, 2015

Little Moments

Addie wouldn't sleep last night, we could hear her in there talking to her stuffed animals.  She's at a point where she still kind of needs a nap but doesn't sleep well at night.  This on top of how impossible a three year old can be is not much fun.  We admitted defeat last night and let her hang out with us while we watched The Voice.

She was calm, she let me cut her nails.  When I was done she was looking at my nails and fingers and demanded to see my rings.  She loves my rings.  Because she was so calm I decided to let her try them on, she had them resting on her index finger looking at them and said "I am going to marry for you Momma".  I told her that would be very sad for Daddy because I'm married to him. 

"Daddy can marry Moses."

It was decided last night that Addie wants to marry me and she thinks Will should marry the dog.  Ha!

I know it sounds weird to people who may not have kids when parents talk about their kids wanting to marry them but to me it is the biggest compliment.  They are starting to understand that Will and I chose each other, we love each other so much that we decided to be together.  When my girls talk about marrying me or each other I just take that to mean they love that person so much that if they could they would choose to spend forever with them. 

What is sweeter than that?

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