Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Little House Keeping

Tomorrow is Will's retirement day, well the day my ID expires so I am guessing it's his retirement day but either way as of midnight tomorrow night I am no longer an army wife.  I suppose I fit into the "once an army wife always an army wife" thing but it's not the same.  In honor of this I have changed my twitter handle, I am no longer @RandomArmyWife I've changed it to @AmberInMotion.  If you already follow me you don't need to do anything, I am still where I've always been and if you don't follow, feel free.

It takes a lot of thought to figure out a new handle, I wanted it to be personal but not too personal.  I don't want it to just me one aspect of my life because I tweet about the most random things...I started with AmberInProgress but that was taken, I think I like In Motion better - it can be about running, the constant changes in my life, my constant lookout for Will's moods...I feel like no matter what, I'm always moving.

So there it is, follow me on twitter here I can't promise to post life changing thoughts but you will learn things like this:

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