Friday, January 17, 2014

Fitness Update

Oh boy, not only am I back on the horse (OK, treadmill) but I am back swinging and damn it feels good.  I joined the gym on January 2 and here is what I have done since then

1/02 - 1.52 miles 9:35 pace (and man, it sucked!)
1/03 - 2.86 miles 11:11 pace(intervals of hell, fast running/incline walking)
1/05 - 2.00 miles 9:58 pace
1/06 - 3.10 miles 9:49 pace
1/07 - 3.10 miles 9:45 pace
1/09 - 3.00 miles 9:29 pace
1/10 - 3.05 miles 9:50 pace & weights
1/12 - 3.00 miles 9:45 pace
1/13 - 2.00 miles 9:06 pace & weights
1/14 - 3.50 miles 9:49 pace
1/16 - 1.50 miles 8:43 pace & weights
1/17 - 4.25 miles 9:37 pace!! 
Total - 32.88

Getting back into it after taking a few months off was not as hard as I thought it would be.  It helps that I didn't gain weight while I was sitting on my ass but just as listening to my body and changing up the pace has.  I've been using a random incline on the treadmill to try to at least pretend that I am running outside, just a few more months until I am back out there for real.

Today's run really surprised me, I knew I wanted to try for 4 miles but I thought I would cheese out and quit but as I kept going I felt really good and not only left the incline on but also kept upping my speed!  I know I could have gone at least 5 if I had left it at the original pace but I am trying to be careful about overdoing it.

I took some before pictures of my stretch marked abdomen, I don't know if I will ever publish them on here.  I know I should be one of those empowered "tiger stripe" women but I'm not.  I am embarrassed and really sad about it.  Perhaps if I had more positive support at home but I am constantly called Skeletor and when I was excitedly talking about my run today my wonderful husband said "talk to me when you have your pace under 6 minutes".  Sure it was a joke but a mean one.  But this is not about those issues...I am beyond excited about how things have gone these first few weeks.