Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fitness Update - Jamming Out!

1/18 1 miles 8:53 pace & weights
1/19 rest!
1/20 3 miles 9:26 pace
1/21 4.3 miles 9:28 pace
1/22 weights
1/23 3.1 miles 9:34 pace
1/24 2 miles 8:50 pace & weights
1/25 rest!
1/26 3 miles 9:38 pace

16.4 miles for the week
49.2 miles for the month

I love music, I am pretty sure that I came out of the womb singing out of tune.  My workout play list is so important to me.  For a while it was all house and techno music that got me going, anything with a beat then after some time it was 80s rock but today I am finding the most random mix of songs is making me want to work harder.

Right now on my shuffle I can go from We Like To Party (Venga Boys) to Work Bitch (Britney Spears) to We Didn't Start The Fire (Billy Joel) to The Whisper Song (Ying Yang Twins) to Hey Girl (O.A.R.) to She's So Heavy (The Beatles).  I get a sick pleasures out of knowing that I am listening to a wildly inappropriate Lil Kim song while running on the treadmill next to a 50 year old lady in sweatpants power walking, it adds a little spring to my step.  The Beatles has never been a top choice for working out but She's So Heavy is just so damn sexy.  "I want you, I want you so bad it's driving me mad..." over and over and over's sexy and while working out I may be a sweaty mess with of Olive Oil-ish top knot on my head but I feel sexy.  (And Abbey Road will always have a special place in my heart, so that helps too.)

I guess the point of this is to find what works for you.  One of the reasons I love to work out is because I know I can listen to the craziest shit and no one can say anything about it.  It gives me another reason to look forward to the gym even when I would much rather sit my ass on the couch. 

So that's that, to me the music counts.  If you're having a problem with motivation take some time and make a kick ass mix of songs you love for all different reasons - maybe that will help out, as for me, I think it's time to add some DMX and more Bob Dylan to that iPod...

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  1. love it! I'm actually headed to the gym this morning to sign up since it's been too cold to do anything outside. I miss it! keep up the good work!